Rev. Robert Stempson is the Founder and Director of PHD/ Programs for Human Development in 1982. A Graduate of Harvard College (BA), the New School for Social Research (MA) and the New Seminary (MSC), he is also a co-author of Sixth Sense (Avon, 1990), Robert has appeared on numerous TV cable and radio talk shows.

In the metaphysical area, he is a clairvoyant and a clairsentient who also utilizes the techniques of psychometry, tarot and astrology.

Robert is a well-known lecturer and seminar leader on Intuition, Right Brain Learning, Guided Journey Meditation, Positive Thinking and Spiritual Development. In addition to organizing more than 60 Psychic Fairs a year in CT and leading weekly Guided Journey Meditation/ Healing workshops, he has a private practice as a psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and consultant.

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Robert's Message - Hi Every One:

I hope that you are enjoying your visit to our website. Did you know that we have been sponsoring personal and spiritual growth programs and psychic fairs since 1982? That's a long time to stay committed to this field and also to the people in our community. Very few businesses ever last this long, especially spiritually-based businesses. The reason for our success is very simple - we consistently offer the best programs and professional psychics in the area and we enjoy a very commited following of people that have benefitted from our professional services. Over 8000 people a year might attend our fairs.

Let me also describe to you the benefits of Psychic Spiritual Counseling. Most traditional Western counseling only deals with the mind. Some of the newer forms of holistic health counseling finally include the body via nutritional advice as well. But our form is a Meta-psychology. It includes the spiritual part that exist in each of us. It might even be said that we are all spiritual beings and that the body/mind is an aspect of our spiritual natures.

Psychic Spiritual Counseling combination may prove to be one of the more effective forms of counseling in the future. The psychic counselor is able to get in touch with issues, events and thought patterns that may be hidden in the unconscious and take months or years to become revealed. The Psychic Spiritual Counselor can usually sense these events because the counselor is attuned to the finer energies of the mind/body as well as the spiritual nature of the client. The counselor receives psychic/intuitive impressions which can be readily confirmed and explored by the client. Rather than taking years to arrive at the core issues generating fear, low self-esteem, unhappiness or lack of motivation, the discovery process is significantly speeded up and enhanced. The advantage of this is that the healing process, the corrections in thinking and acting start sooner.

One of the advantages that I like about Psychic Spiritual Counseling is that it is a highly energetic and interactive process. It actively involves both the client and the counselor both in the discovery and healing process. From the metaphysical point of view, it is believed that we are somehow generating our own experiences through our belief systems. From the spiritual point of view, we are all loving beings whose greatest challenge is to learn how to be more loving towards ourselves and others. Our belief systems about ourselves, others and how the world works are often the core energy patterns that drive us to think and act in our own unique ways.

Given this perspective, you may wonder why things are so confusing and painful in the human experience and why do we sabotage our happiness and success. The answer is both simple and complex. This first part of the answer is that many of our beliefs are not founded on spiritual beliefs but personal, cultural and family influences. These external belief systems are very powerful often they determine how we feel about ourselves, others and the world around us. The second part of the answer is more complex. In order to create change, we need to discover what our deepest belief systems are. What does the engine that drives our lives look like? What is the computer software program that makes us run the way we do?

Identifying these belief systems is not as hard as it might seem when we use Psychic Spiritual Counseling techniques. Because we can sometimes tap into subtle energy patterns and into subtle fields of information contained in the aura, the cells and the etheric bodies, we can get often visual images, feelings or intuitive and sensory information. This data helps us to tune into thought patterns,past experiences, past memories and present blocks that we can bring out into the counseling session. My greatest challenge as a Psychic Spiritual Counselor is not just tapping into the information that is stored in the clients mind/body/spirit but to translate that information in a way that the client can relate to. When this is done effectively, change can finally occur. More on this at a later time.

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