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August NEWS

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2014 - Spirit and Past Life Circles
Barbara D Returns to Spirit Circles with James and/or Rachel
Shelton Courtyard Marriott • Sun. Aug. 10
Southington Holiday Inn Express with Althea • Sun. Sep. 7

This year, we have added this wonderful event to our fair schedule. A Spirit Circle is an opportunity for individuals to get special attention for receiving connections to loved ones that have "moved" to the other side. Our gifted medium Barbara DeLong returns this month with Rachel, James and Althea DePascal will lead the evenings. Not only is the evening healing but is also entertaining. Although no one can be sure which family member may come through, the information almost always has an element of special messages that impact everyone in the group.

Now we area adding one more exciting element to the evening - James Luse will provide insights into your past lives! A gifted and very popular medium. Rachel is a tremendously gifted reader is almost every area of our field, cards, mediumship, pet psychic. She will bring great insight into the Spirit Circle evenings.

You will recognize family members and friends from the specific details that come through the medium. Sometimes it may be habits or peculiarities pertinent to that member or it may be specific details or stories that illuminate who that family member or friend may be.

What does happen during a Spirit Circle is that it facilitates the healing process from the loss of loved ones and it confirms that there is an afterlife. What a combination! To know that our souls simply transform from living in the earth plane to the spirit plane, and that it is real, can help us all live our own lives more fully, more lovingly and with greater purpose. This alone is worth the price of admission. Come and join us for this entertaining and enlightening evening of joy and healing.

There will be 5 important Notices for you to read. MORE Highlights Click Here
1. Barbara DeLong will be back doing Spirit Circles (Aug. 10 in Shelton).
Celtic Elder and Healer, Rod Kelly, makesa special appearance Greenwich on Sun. July 27.
at our
Southbury Crowne Plaza (Sun. Oct. 26). Please tell you friends about our new location so that we can continue to serve the Connecticut communities with our professional readers.

4. We return to the popular Kupz Coffee and Yogurt shop at 346 Hemingway Ave in East Haven 06512 on Sat. Oct. 25. James, Mindy, Rachel and Susan will be there. A great place to eat and relax. Come on by 11-6pm.

5. The North Haven Holiday Inn had CHANGED NAMES to the Best Western Plus at North Haven.

We are also looking at a location in the Vernon/Manchester area (I-84, exit 63). Tell you friends and family who live in those areas to contact us and get on the mailing list so that they may receive the updated information. Let us know if this is a location of interest and we will do a test fair there later this year.

Please tell you friends about our new location so that we can continue to serve the Connecticut communities with our professional readers.

2014 - Spirit Circles
Many of you have requested that we host the very popular Spirit Circles, evenings is which our mediums open up to receive messages from deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. In 2014 we will sponsor several Spirit Circles after selected fairs and be adding new locations - Danbury, Shelton and Southbury. Barbara DeLong Rachel Perzanowski, James Luse and well-know medium Althea DePascal (not our Alethea) will honor us with their special talents. The evenings will be after selected fairs from 6:30-9 pm for $30. Nearly everyone should receive some message. Check out the schedules. In 2014 Barbara will co-host with James Luse at selected fairs. James will provide an extra bonus by revealing many of your past lives and how they may be affecting your present one.
Althea DePascal will continue to host at the Southington Holiday Inn Express. I urge you to make early reservations to insure a seat in this exciting new offering. Space is limited to 20 people in order to reach as many people as possible. All reservations must be paid for prior to the Spirit Circle

Aug. 10 - Shelton Courtyad Marriott with Barbara DrLong and James Luse
Sep. 7 - Southington Holiday Inn Express with Althea DePascal
Sep. 14 - Danbury Maron Hotel with Barbara DeLong
Oct. 11 - Orange Courtyard Marriott with Barbara DeLong and James Luse
Nov. 8 - North Haven Holiday Inn with Barbara DeLong and James Luse

Send an email to or call 203-470-1806.
Send Checks to: Robert Stempson, 25 Lakeshore Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752 or Pay at

Althea DePascal
Barbara DeLong

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Reader News

BARBARA DELONG's Barbara's late husband Patrick had a large body of work in this field. Please go to He was a biblical theologian and the author of 3 books. His books are used in colleges and universities - "The Greatest Deception," "The Doctrines of Man" and The Lost Books of the Bible." Please include them both in your prayers. She is very grateful for your support. Barbara will only be doing phone readings. Thirty Minute minimum ad psychic fair prices ($38). Call 203-470-1806 for appointment.
Barbara's book, Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom, is now available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook.  This is an inspiring collection of spiritual philosophy and poems with mystical insights thrown in for good measure. Barbara's writings are help to everyone who is going through tough times and needs a fresh compass to get back on track.
          A personal interest has evolved into "The Secrets of the Stones" which is a preview of a new documentary about the largest collection of ancient and amazing stone structures in the world, which are hidden in the forests of New England.  We were fortunate to have a good friend, Cindy Jordan, give us permission to use her music; Patrick did the graphic work, produced the video and Edited the narration which I wrote.  You Tube is now showing a short version that  might be of interest if you into history and rocks.
          Barbara's radio show, Night-Light, continues to be very popular.  Featuring spiritual insight and free readings every Friday afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm est. You can call in at (347) 857-2139 . Tune in and talk to her "online". Get ready to be amazed, and entertained because laughter is one of the tools that Barbara uses abundantly.  Her second radio show will take to the air in January.  Matrix Radio, will feature interviews in the area of the paranormal and the metaphysical, from 8 pm to 10 pm est.
          Visit her website for more information on her store, her predictions for the year to come and much, much more.


Pet psychic communicators - Pamela, Alethea and Rachel will all be at most fairs. Be sure to learn more about this extraordinary talented readers and meet them this month. Bring photos if you have them. It is not necessary to bring your pets!

Agnes - Congratulations on her recent marriage. We are so happy that she found her soulmate. She has been conducting sessions in Hawaii and enhancing her healing techniques. We look forward to her return at the fairs in the future.

Alethea is here this month. She will be reading in Fairfield this month.We welcome back this very talented reader - clairvoyant, card reader, pet psychic and medium back to our family of readers. Alethea and her husband, Alan, are also dog trainers.
Barbara Scofield will be at all fairs this month except Fairfield! Make sure that you read through Barbara's incredible notebook. It is filled with letters from hundreds of grateful clients. Barbara also designed her own cards and they are for sale at the fairs.

BUNSIE will be reading only at the Southington and North Haven fairs next month. A Reiki Master, Bunsie not only reads the cards but she is also a medium and clairvoyant.

CINDY IS BACK.- Many of you have been asking for her return for a long time. We welcome this very talented reader - clairvoyant, card reader and Reiki Master -back to our family of readers. Cindy will be reading on a regular basis and will be in Southington and in North Haven.
Heather is not only a talented and effective healer but also an amazing card reader. Her soft style is both informative and insightful. Heather was a customer for many years at the fair and was inspired to train as a healer and reader. She does aura and chakra balancing and Reiki. Visit with her at Fairfield, Shelton and Norwalk this month.
Ivory is back and will be in Fairfield, Orange and Norwalk. She is one of our most popular readers and her gifts are astounding. Ivory is one of the few readers that reads the regular playing cards - a tradition that is almost lost today. A medium and healer with a practical and straight-forward approach, she gets to the heart of matters quickly. This month she will be away.
James Luse- will be only be at the Orange and Shelton fairs this month.An accomplished psychic, medium and channeler but also an accomplished actor, he was recently chosen to perform in a leading role in a production ini Tennessee. He will be at all fairs in June. James will also be co-leading the Shelton Spirit Circle Sun. July 10 with Barbara D.
Mindy S- Joins our fairs. This is a case where youth and experience make no sense. Many readers have years of experience over Mindy but are no more talented. We interviewed her in March and put her to work right away. She not only reads the cards but also does stone casting - an ancient an not common technique found in this country. Mindy will be in Orange, Shelton and Norwalk.
Pamela is a unique reader. She is also a medium and pet communicator. She channels the different levels of the higher realms for spiritual healing energies.  Pam uses her spiritual gifts from God for clients and animals to inspire, heal, and communicate. She has also used such gifts to teach spiritualities, medical information, medium work, and for paranormal or spiritual issues. Pamela will be reading at all fairs this month.
Patty G - Joins our fairs. is a clairvoyant /Medium, Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master who also has been doing automatic writings for over 12 years.
Her mediumship blossomed professionally over the past two years and has been doing both private and small group readings. During the interview process, our mediums were quite impressed with her abilities. Patty will make her debut at the Southbury fair June 8.
Rachel will be reading at all fairs this month except for Orange. She is an extraordinary talent in all areas - personal readings, mediumship and animal communication. She reads both with and without the cards.
Randy will be taking a break for awhile. He is a third generation reader. His mother and grandmother were card readers. Randy specializes in a combination of tarot, playing card and psychometry readings.
Susan is one our rare readers that combines Astrology and Tarot. She is one of the most colorful readers - in both style of dressing and in reading. She reads at all fairs along I-95, She will be at all fairs this month. Bring your birth information for an extra insight!

Vendor News -

We are thrilled to offer you this service during these times of high stress. Massage has been shown to:
• Help recover from muscle injury • Reduce Stress • Relieve muscular and joint pain • Improve range of motion
• Improve sleep • Increases circulation • Assists lymphatic system • Supports immune system • Reduce anxiety

Certified Aura & Reiki Therapist Heather McGeorge will be giving massages at the some of our fairs each month Fair and will offer healing sessions in Reiki,. aromatherapy, crystal balancing and chakra alignment.She is also a very talented reader and will be filling in when needed this year. She will be also be reading tarot for us and will be in all fairs except for Orange this month. Heather will be giving healing session in Shelton and Norwalk.

Pat & Mike's large collection of jewelry
will help you chose just the right piece of jewelry for those special occasions. Think Valentine's Day!. When you get a chance, come to see their jewelry at prices way below the malls. Better Quality for A Better Price! They will not be at the fairs this month.
Nancy Moran and her jewelry and shell art designs will be at the future fairs.

Aura Photography comes to our fairs in Fairfield. Your aura can tell you a lot about yourself, your emotions, your health and how other people are reacting to you and why.
Celtic Elder, Rod Kelly, joins forces with the Aura Photo to demonstrate the powerful change that takes place after a healing session with him. He will be in Greenwich on July 27

Other new vendors that have not yet scheduled but may be at some of the fairs.

August Psychic Fairs, Readers and Vendors Schedule
All Fairs Are 11am to 6pm. and Spirit Circles are 6:30-9 pm**

Admission to all fairs is FREE! All readings are prices at 15 minute intervals. Costs are $20 for your 1st 15 minutes, $18 for your 2nd, $17 for your third and then only $15 for each additional 15 minutes. Prices are per person. You can see the same reader or different readers. You create your own schedule. Discounts are good only on the day of each fair.

Sun. Aug. 3 - Fairfield Inn
417 Post Rd, Fairfield, 06824 - 255-0491

- Readers are: Mediums Rachel, Pamela, Ivory and Alethea. Other readers are tarot with our new reader Mindy anad Heather, tarot and astrology with Susan. Pet psychic readings are available with Alethea, Pam and Rachel.

- Vendors are: Pat & Mike will have a large collection of jewelry for those special gifts! Special Event - Aura Photography

Special Fair - Sat. June 7 - Gourmet Coffee and Yogurt at KUPZ
Hi Everyone - We return to one of the most exciting and delicious fairs of the year. Join us at KUPZ on 346 Hemingway Ave, East Haven, CT 06512. James, Mindy, Susan and Rachel will be our readers there.

Sat. Aug. 9 - Milford/Orange Courtyard Marriott
136 Marsh Hill Rd, Orange, 06477 - 203-799-2200

Readers are: Mediums Rachel, James returns to this fair and Pamela. Card with Mindy and tarot astrology specialists Barbara S and Susan B..Multi-talented Pamela and Rachel will also provide pet readings. (Bring photos not pets).

- Vendors are: No Vendors

Sun. Aug. 10 -Shelton Courtyard Marriott
780 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton 06484 - 203-929-1500
Readers are: James returns to this fair. Mediums Rachel, Pamela and Ivory. Tarot readings and astrology specialists Barbara S and Susan. Tarot cards with Heather and Mindy. Pamela and Rachel will also provide pet readings. (Bring photos not pets).
****SPIRIT CIRCLE EVENING -7-9:30pm - an evening of messages from loved ones. Led by Barbara and James

- Vendors are: Pat & Mike will have a large collection of jewelry for those special gifts! Heather - will offer healing sessions in Reiki,. aromatherapy, crystal balancing and chakra alignment.

Sun. Aug. 17 - Norwalk American Legion
60 County St, Norwalk, 06851 - 203-866-8249

Readers are: Mediums Pamela, Ivory, and Rachel. Cards with Heather anad Mindy and card and Astrology specialists Barbara S and Susan B. Pet readings with Pet readings with Rachel and Pamela. (Bring photos not pets).

Vendors are: Pat & Mike will have a large collection of jewelry for those special gifts! Heather - will offer healing sessions in Reiki,. aromatherapy, crystal balancing and chakra alignment.

We organize psychic parties for the weekends as well as during the week. The prices are per hour with a minimum of 1 - 1/2 hours. You can have 10 minute (6 people per hour) or 15 minute (4 people per hour) readings depending on your budget. The average reading is 15 minutes. Obviously you can get more information or questions asked with the extra time. Everything after the minimum is pro-rated at for each additional per 15 minutes. Email us or call for more information.

I ask that a 40% deposit be sent prior to the party with the remainder paid to the reader after the party. Checks can be mailed to:

Robert Stempson
25 Lakeshore Dr.
Marlboro, MA 01752

When you are ready, I will need directions and phone numbers from you  for contact purposes. The reader will need a fairly quite and somewhat private spot ( privacy for the person being read) with enough light and some water nearby.

I hope that we can help make your party a success. We have been in this business for 22 years. If a party does not work out for you, bring everyone to a fair!  The schedule is on our website.

I again want to thank the many of you that called us for Psychic Parties in your home. We especially enjoyed helping to make your special occasions even more exciting for your guests. Our readers had a wonderful time getting to know you and your family and friends.

Please let us know of any address or email changes. You can also see the schedule on our website.

Thanks for thinking of us - 

You can contact me at: or
For a full schedule and more information, please visit

-- "When large problems need to become small, ask for a medium!"

Please contact us if your email address changes or you want to be taken off
either the yearly mailing or monthly email lists. If you have blocked any
messages remember to add to your acceptance list.

WE ARE COLLECTING GOOD PSYCHIC STORIES - Please send us your story -
experiences you or people you know have had (ask them to send it to us). We
need lots of data for our research. We want to promote the development of
the skills in all people. It one of our natural abilities that is used far
less frequently than others.

Counseling available' As many of you know I ( Robert) am an interfaith
minister and a spiritual counselor. When you need some guidance from the
deepest levels of your soul to get or keep you on your personal path, call
or email me. Although I now live in Mass. I can schedule appointments after
the fairs. There is more about my counseling practice on the website.

More to read!!

Here at PHD/Programs for Human Development we have two ways to help you get
in touch with this voice. - through our classes and through our readers at
the psychic fairs. Psychic readers have an ability to tap into your
intuition and to see the directions that you are going in. Their readings
often provide you with insights that can help you make clearer and more
informed decisions. Often during a reading, you will hear your self say" I
know that - that is what I was thinking." The reading can help you develop
more trust in your own intuition.

If you want to learn how to develop you own inner connection then take
advantage of our classes that are being offered after selected fairs.

You can sponsor a Guided Journey Meditation Class or .
a Developing Intuition Class in your home. Call 203-470-1806 for details.

Remember that the Psychic Fair calendar is sent out in December. It covers the entire
year and because of the increase costs of mailing 12,000 pieces, it will be
the only one snail-mailed until next December. Copies will be at the fairs
and mailed to you upon request. Please update your email addresses when you
make changes if you want to continue to receive these updates over time.